Perfecting the Office of the Future

Being stuck behind your desk in a cramped square space for eight hours straight is becoming a thing of the past. Employees have more freedom than ever to choose where, when, and how they work. Innovative offices are being created in every sector of the working world and it is empowering people to decide how they want to spend their workday—whether it is at a communal worktable, or sharing ideas over coffee in the sitting area.

Today’s offices have cafes, relaxation rooms, or coffee shops so that employees can choose what setting they want to work in while enjoying the comfort of a relaxed setting. It is estimated that about 30% of modern offices have non-traditional working arrangements. Individual workstations are being transformed into open-air configurations that encourage creativity and collaboration.

Office technology of the future will stray away from the typical hierarchy of the working world and encourage all levels of employees to work together to reach a common goal. Collaboration is encouraged by the set up of these new offices due to everything being open.  It also ensures that no one feels closed off from the group. Open-air lounges and meeting spaces are taking the place of traditional conference rooms. Meetings and conferences will be made to feel less formal by changing the location that they are held in. Meetings can be scheduled to take place in lounge areas or sitting rooms as opposed to the formal conference room. Many companies are conducting conference calls over video chat and other devices that allow them to parley from not only the office, but anywhere employees may be traveling. The office of tomorrow will have conferencing tools that allow staff to use tablets or other handheld devices to tap into the conversation.

By expanding office tools that allow people to share ideas, the importance of collaboration is demonstrated. Technology in the office of the future is heavily focused on touch screen. Interactive display technology will be used on walls and tables in the office. Less paperwork will need to be kept because of this, which will reduce un-necessary clutter.

Here at Source One Furniture, we can help you create your floor plan for the first time, or re-design a modern space that will increase productivity by bringing your office into the future. We supply the best and latest modern furniture and select equipment to suite your needs. Call Source One Furniture today at (888)451-0088.

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