Tailoring your Workplace to Employee Needs is a Must

Due to the diversity of the workforce, not everyone accomplishes things to the best of their ability in the same way. Since a diverse group of employees are a company’s biggest asset, it is crucial that flexible work spaces are provided in order to maximize each person’s potential.  While collaborative teamwork will continue to be a huge trend this year, companies are finding that they need to have more diversity in their work areas.

For those who work well in the cubicle setting where sound distraction needs to be kept at a minimal, open desk configurations are not so practical. You need to provide both a space for people to collaborate and a separate, quieter location for those who need to concentrate on detail-oriented tasks. To accommodate these varying needs, modern offices emphasize the use of touchdown spaces. These places incorporate lounge seating and integrated work areas in addition to soundproof work rooms for employees who need a quiet area.

The further into 2015 we delve the more the trend for increased activity in the work place will be amplified. It’s been proven that sitting for more than eight hours a day can lead to serious health risks such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer. Many companies are shifting towards workstations that have sit-to-stand desks that allow employees to combat these negative health effects.

Making your employees feel comfortable in their work space is a positive element for your company as a whole. When a person feels comfortable in their environment, they are more likely to open up and let their ideas flow, whether that be in a social setting or in a noise proof room. Here at Source One Furniture, we can help you re-design your office space to suit the unique needs of each of your employees. Give us a call today at (888)451-0088.

Need Something More Custom? You Dream It, We’ll Build It. 

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